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What experience can absorb the embryo from our stupid lizard? Those who call themselves human beings, allowed us to spread all the planets of the solar system, where there are deposits fracton.

Now Xi colony people increase their strength for the 34 planets.

Immediately in the evening went to a dating site for sex, Checked, choose your interests, and your city, hit search, and there were only 3 user, so that the choice was not special, the two girls were very beautiful picture, I read information * About Me * both the same message, once it is clear that this is a bot, and the third girl is written about me in * love * when young boys lick my legs …

* and she did not have photos (like me) I’m not thinking long texted something Tipo * Hello, I would like you to get to know how you look at it?

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Ved it is no secret that the future of our children narrowly connected to the computer and the web.

And our embryos feed on human nervous system and absorb human consciousness.

- - Sister, these foolish people have decided that we will produce for them fracton.

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