Embarrasing dating

Goddess Crane forces him to deepthroat her cock and get it dripping wet with his slave spit.

Goddess Ginger is liking what she sees and asks if she can get a turn fucking the slave bitch's mouth with her long cock as well.

She rocks her hips back and forth while pegging her slave with her strap on. See another man enjoying what you so desperately want but don't deserve.

Goddess Tessa places her property on a bench where she gets ready to cane his ass leaving bright red marks all over the blank white canvas.

Goddess Ginger gets in on the action with a couple backhanded swats that make his slave ass jiggle from the impact.

Goddess Tessa twists his balls until they turn purple before poking them with her sharp finger nails.

And then, the pathetic slave makes a horrible mistake by forgetting Goddess Crane's name.

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