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After that, she undresses my pants and didn’t give a word terus give me a BBBJ. I grab her boobs while she still giving me nice blowjob, and she stares at me those seductive eyes.

Really cannot tahan, after a 10mins BBBJ, and I finally unload all my cum in her mouth.

Devi’s a horny MILF, and I like having a session with her. Name: Devi Face: 6/10 Body: Chubby Boobs:38D melon boobs Pussy: Clean as always no smells BJ: BBBJ heaven feel syiokkkk FJ: 8/10 CIM: SWALLOW it ALL WIR: YES DEFINITELY I heard that Carrie provides massage service in her package so i thought that i would like to give it a try.

i got her contact from the webmaster and texted her to know more about the package.

i kissed her boobs and she starts moaning that kinda makes me feel so horny.

I call her in the morning but she didn’t answer my call.She sucks me dry like no tomorrow and sucks until no one last drop then swallows it all.I clean my didi in the bathroom and light up a cigarette and rest awhile pay her and ciao.we talked on the bed naked about her life and then we cleaned up. Upon commencing the actual action, sound system was good and lots of body contact Started with a good 10 minutes BBBJ. After a while I pushed her down and pumped her missionary while squeezing her breast.she is very cool and will not rushed you to hurry up. Name: Carrie CKT Body: have that milf body style Breast: not firm but great to play with Height 160cm GFE: damn good Rating: 10/10 Wir: Yes Damage: RM 350/ 2 hour session. She does provide massage, BJ and FJ (certain customer with additional charge). Those with good suction and dry (means she sucked them all into her throat and not spit it out like some other WLs). Doggy was next on the menu but her ass were not appealing for this type of ‘coitus’. I told her that I was about to cum and she immediately pulled herself away from my dick, push me to the bed, ripped off the condom and sucked my dick vigorously.

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