Internet dating for the elderly

The idea that old people could actually fall in love or have sex with each other is embarrassing to many Americans, old, young and in-between.

The baby boomer generation, which at present is fast entering the ranks fo the elderly, has other ideas about this stereotype. Not one of these stereotypes is true, of course, certainly not the poverty notion.

The aging process brings with it seasons of joy, but it also carries fear and loss of personal worth.

The “what if’s” of life become vivid reality and the aging parent find themselves torn between dependence and independence. It requires family involvement; children and siblings must find ways to explore the changing needs of our seniors in order to make the transition of seasons smooth and less stressful.

The golden rule we learned as children, carried meaning to our parents and grandparents.

They held tight to work ethic, honesty, integrity, faith, and dignity.

As a people, we’ve become desensitized to the core values we were taught as children.

Baby Boomers were raised by parents or loved ones who believed in the validity of a handshake and the importance of treating others as they themselves expected to be treated.

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The world of media brings loss, pain, and tragedy into our lives at an overwhelming rate.When the roles reverse, remember to love and treat our aging seniors with dignity and honor—for without them, we would be nothing. Preserving the dignity of our seniors as they succumb to aging is the most important thing, we as children can offer our parents.After all, everything we learned…we learned from our parents. The old person was no longer seen as a useful member of a family team, but rather as a drain on the family's resources. Older people had previously depended on their families, hence on younger people, for support in their declining years, but suddenly that support was gone. Government programs could provide money at best, and never enough of it, hardly a substitute for a caring, loving family.Living past seventy became, for many, a rather bleak prospect, a time of loneliness, poverty and illness. The youth culture did another great disservice in stereotyping old people as chronically ill, unable to work, behind the times, slow-thinking, useless financial burdens on society.

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