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7 — is to make it tougher to become a Canadian citizen as well as regulate citizenship consultants, the Bill will also help people born before 1947 and previously denied citizenship. February 21, 2014: Immigration Counsels of Canada - Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander and Peter Mac Kay, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, today reinforced the government’s commitment to extend citizenship to more “Lost Canadians” through measures proposed in Bill C-24, the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act. February 21, 2014: Global TV Halifax - Citizenship, immigration advocates concerned with proposed reform - Canada’s Justice and Immigration ministers were in Halifax on Friday to discuss the proposed amendments to the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act. February 20, 2014: Vancouver Observer - Immigration Minister Chris Alexander reveals contradictions in citizenship law - Citizenship and Immigration Minister Christopher Alexander tread a fine line between sympathy and sticking to government script when speaking about the overhaul to citizenship law proposed by the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act.

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In riveting, pugilistic prose, Chapman describes his fight with Ottawa, and the frustrations and rewards of trying to change an immutable system.

It had nothing to do with a person being good or bad, but rather it could have been because you were born in wedlock, or maybe you were born out-of wedlock, or you were born before a certain date, or you were born on a Canadian military base overseas, or your mother was Canadian rather than your father, or in some cases it was your father who was Canadian but not your mother, or you were outside of Canada on your 24th birthday.

There were twelve distinct ways to lose your citizenship, none of which would pass the 'smell' test if scrutinized under today's Charter of Rights and Freedoms. November 11, 2014: Lost Canadians - Canadian Citizenship History Links - Dozens of links and there are many many more from the Supreme Court of Canada decisions dating back to the 1920s and 30s to the issue of Home Children and War Brides who cannot prove they are Canadian citizens. November 11, 2014: Documenting Canadian Citizenship - History of Pre-1947 Citizenship by Fred Colburne - We honour the flag and we cherish our passports.

February 5, 2014: Rick Howe Show 88.9 FM - Listen to Rick Howe interview Don Chapman on 88.9 FM News Radio discuss proposed changes to the Citizenship Act which could finally solve the problem of War Bride children and children born out of wedlock prior to 1947. January 31, 2014: Rick Howe Show 88.9 FM - Listen to Rick Howe interview Don Chapman on 88.9 FM News Radio about the announcement by the Citizenship Minister that the lost Canadian issue will finally be resolved with the introduction of new legislation. January 29, 2014: The Royal Canadian Legion Dominion President, Gordon Moore, is encouraged by Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander's statement that changes to the Citizenship Act are forthcoming.

In particular, complicated circumstances that have barred War Brides and children of War Brides from obtaining Canadian citizenship will be fixed under new legislation. January 27, 2014: Ottawa Citizen - Canadian Citizenship Should Mean More - If there is a recurring theme in the statutory media reviews of the Conservatives on and around the eighth anniversary of their election, it is their fondness for incremental change. The exception is citizenship and immigration, which was long the prerogative of Jason Kenney, the most effective minister in this government.

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