Pb 210 dating

The work contains grammar, texts with translations and vocabulary. Werchikwar and the closely related Burushaski language (see Lorimer, Series B, 29) form a completely isolated group in the Karakorum.

A continuation of the author's earlier work on the petroglyphs of Northern Norway (Series B, 21), containing a description of the variossites of rock-carvings and paintings of the Arctic group in the Trøndelag district. NOK 400,- A study of one particular aspect of the portrait sculpture in Hellenistic and Roman times, from Alexander to the last Roman emperors, where the author, through an analysis of the portraits and the ancient literary texts, shows the double origin of the conception of the ruler, as an intermediary between God and man. This is a dictionary of the language together with a description of the grammatical system and texts.

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In this lecture the author discusses the influence of the individual on the evolution of language, and also certain universal features of this evolution.

- Povl Simonsen: Relations between the Lapps and the Scandinavians in early times: An archaeological survey.

An exposition of the folkloristic method that oftengoes by the name 'the Finnish method,' distinguished by its attempt to ascertain, by comparing all the variants extant, the original form of the popular poem or tale as well as its migrations and its international development during these migrations.

Dette er ei dokumantarutgåve der oppskriftene er attgjevne slik dei vart skrivne ned på kladd ettter song eller resitasjon.

Føremålet har vore å presentere balladanesom ei munnleg overlevert dikting.

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