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" CLICK HERE to view "All The Floral Looks From The SAG Awards! Rashida Jones looked so fresh and flirty at the SAG Awards on Sunday night in this pink chiffon Vivienne Westwood dress adorned with embroidered flowers.She accessorized the sweet look with Irene Neuwirth jewelry, natural glam, and her signature wavy hairstyle. Others even used a move dubbed "the Lasseter" to Elders should be respected, not swindled! this week, and now reports are saying the record producer has filed a new claim against MJ's estate.Yet music legend Quincy Jones claims he's the victim of financial elder abuse in the court battle over Michael Jackson royalties. According to , Quincy says Sony Music and MJJ Productions took advantage of his age and pulled an accounting trick that screwed him out of a large chunk of revenue from a number of hits he produced.If there is one thing all single women know, it's that nothing ruins your day faster than the question, "So why aren't you dating anyone?"More people today are single than ever before: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as married people. Some single women would love to be in a relationship, while some are totally happy to remain unattached.

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In a joint statement to brooms to sweep years of in-house drama under the rug.

On Tuesday, John Lasseter stepped down from his position as head of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation after acknowledging "missteps" in which he made his employees "feel disrespected or uncomfortable" over the years.

They say breaking up is hard to do, and perhaps no one understands this better than actress Rashida Jones, who celebrates a gutsy divergence from her usual girl(friend)-next-door comic turns with the release of her new movie and screenwriting debut, .

The 36 year old actress stars as Celeste opposite Jesse (Andy Samberg), the two of them clinging onto a best-friend status despite their pending divorce.

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